Also known as code of Gentoo laws or ordination of Pundits, this Gentoo code is the most ancient form of Criminal law for Hindus which started during British Rule in Indian Sub Continent. When we go to Ancient India, under Manusmriti, there are 18 heads of Law. One of the 18 heads deal with Criminal Laws. Right as early as Manusmriti , we have theft, defamation, assault, trespass, Gambling, Violence to the body, Adultery, Cheating. In Manusmriti, there we also have punishments such as Imprisonment, Banishment .Corporal Punishments, forfeiture of property, Death, Fine, Mutilation. Warren Hastings, de facto Governor- General of Bengal, directed the Brahmins of Banaras to write a Hindu Code, the first code compiled by the Brahmins is called Gentoo Code. Death Penalty was as early as codified in Gentoo Code for Murder, house breaking, highway robbery. The Gentoo Code was originally written in Sanskrit (called as viva Darnavasetu or the sea of litigation), which was later on translated into Persian by the Brahmin Scholars and then into English. The code of Gentoo laws was printed in London in 1776 as a private edition and was never put to sale. In 1781, a pirated copy of the code was printed which was available to public and in around 1778, the translations of the book were made available in French and German.  
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